1. With the exfoliation of the body the summer has. We remove the dead cells from the skin layer and
    we help it to acquire a healthy look, velvety texture and a uniform tan that lasts longer.
  2. It is best to avoid tanning oil. Although it gives us theoretically a more immediate tan, the result is temporary, it creates two-tone skin, it leaves stains on swimsuits, pareos and towels, which leaves an annoying and unsightly image of stuck sand on the body. We must not forget that most tanning oils – Tanning, do not have the appropriate protection index and according to the scientific community, there are suspicions that it is associated with the appearance of melanoma – skin cancer.
  3. Do not forget to use a moisturizing body mask and lotion. Just as our body needs water to hydrate, so our skin, in addition to internal hydration, also needs external. By taking care of it consistently during the summer months, we avoid the appearance of dry skin, dehydration, sunburn and broken skin.
  4. Avoid waxing before the beach. Almost all hair removal methods involve the process of dermabrasion. This means that the first layer of skin is “removed”, leaving the pores exposed. Such a condition can lead to infections, skin problems, discoloration and irritation.
  5. Sunscreen = The best ally on the beach and the best friend of the skin! The use of sunscreen is limited. Helps to prevent the absorption of harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. protects against sunburn, moisturizes and prevents the formation of free radicals.

Every season is magical, enjoy it – Natrice Beauty Code


  1. We prefer the natural Look! In the summer months we sweat profusely. Intense makeup, will not be a wise choice It will give us an ugly and “heavy” image it will creates drips on our face, blocking the flow of sebaceous glands, preventing the secretion of water and toxins through the pores of the skin. We must not forget that the sebaceous glands are our natural thermostat. They regulate body temperature and help us adjust better and easier to environmental conditions. So let’s keep them ‘open’ to let them do their job!
  2. Daily facial cleansing with the right products for our skin type is very important, especially during the summer months. Using the wrong products can cause more dehydration to the skin, creating a feeling of stinging, pulling and increasing the chance of premature wrinkles.
  3. We never neglect the care of our lips. It is the area that is used most during a 24 hour but the part that we give less importance. In summer we have the illusion that drinking water or other liquids moisturizes the lip area. This is not true. Our lips are usually the most dehydrated part of our body and the last to give us indications that needs help.
    Over the years, the lips tend to fade and shrink.
    That is why we always use a very moisturizing lip balm or lip stick in light tones during the day.
  4. We say NO to chemical peels and the use of acids during the summer. Even if it is cloudy, rainy and not too hot, we avoid the use of such products. Ideally, we stop the treatments since the end of April when the day gradually grows longer. The problem is not created by the sunshine because if so, we could apply the treatments in the evening or during the hours with limited sunshine. The problem arises from how close the earth is to the sun, which affects the density of the rays, the intensity of the radiation received by our skin and the way in which the sun “falls” on the earth’s surface.
    Chemical peels and acids help to regenerate new healthy tissue (in appearance and touch), to whiten (reduce freckles and freckles) and to eliminate scars and pimples, spots and other skin lesions. The way they achieve this is by removing the strongest and most robust membrane of our skin, leaving the other layers exposed to sunlight. The more intense and strong the radiation, the greater the risk of creating new freckles and painful intradermal burns.
  5. Sunscreen = Our best ally for protecting our skin. Moisturizes and helps prevent wrinkles. It is important to renew it frequently since with the sweat, the protection filters are removed.